BE Captain

The winds blow, and the waves roll…

  • Are you losing your equanimity – forgetting to SIT at the Helm of your Life?
  • Is it hard to WALK your own Way, to keep Your Unique Course?
  • Are you challenged to STAND, in the face of all the Resistance, Disturbance?

You are Captain: take the Helm!

  • Are you Ready to take-back your power, your will, your voice, your heart, your soul, your life?
  • Are you Willing to learn and practice¬†new ways of BEing, that help you DO what you are here to do?
  • Are you committed to becoming Able to Lead, to BE the Change that you want to see in our world?

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My name is Wendy R Wolf.
After much search and struggle, I have found and honed:

Practical Inner Tools and a Powerful Place to Stand;
That Support us to Shift our Internal Experience, our External Life & our World.
The fruit of this practice is Delicious AND Nutritious.

Since 2002, I have been mastering this practice
that has completely shifted my life, from the Inside-Out.
Putting me in the the Captain’s Seat.

Meanwhile, honing my ability to share this practice with others:
I have Supported and Equipped hundreds of people to Shift their lives.

Utilizing an inner technology that
leverages our internal system,
to FOCUS our attention and
applies our INTENTION, to be:

  • comfortably present,
  • safely empowered, and
  • effortlessly inviting shifts that we choose.

I can’t wait to help support your Amazing Adventurous Life.
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Best to you on your unique Journey!




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I lead a team of folks who are passionate about Playing their Own Game,
and ready to support you to do the same.

You can choose individual sessions,
and/or small and large group training and transformation:

– via phone, or internet.
– in Seattle,
– at the Jersey Shore, a few times per year
– as well as at your location, by invitation.

I look forward to Adventuring together!

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